Friday, December 10, 2010

Procrastination, My Worst Enemy!

I haven't written for a long time, and I'm blaming my worst enemy, Procrastination! I stumbled upon this article that touches on how procrastination works and it basically suggests that it is not being lazy it is just being prepared for a mind battle. It is NowYou versus FutureYou, and sometimes you get back at FutureYou but they get back at NowYou! You make FutureYou do the dirty work, pull the allnighters, rush to out to get the last minute gift, and spend a whole weekend cleaning up the mess NowYou created during the week. But FutureYou gets back at NowYou, while managing to do the tough tasks in short amount of time, it penalizes you by having you fail your goals. What are your goals? FutureYou eats greasy pizza instead of a salad, FutureYou watches TV instead of working out, and FutureYou sleeps in instead of getting chores done. So how do you battle this foe? Especially when it is yourself, you have to plan. By sticking to a plan it makes it easier to make the right choice. So whatever NowYou wants the most you have to just go and prepare for it or do it!

That is why classes are helpful because the instructor sets deadlines for us, forcing us to do the work! So if you really want to learn a foreign language or instrument or improve your cooking skills it is good idea to sign up for a class today. I used to hate planing and hate scheduling. Mostly because I felt nervous about if it was a good idea, what if I didn't really feel like going out that day or what if I'm sick or maybe I should be working on something else. I hated to commit, it was easier to just not do those things. Nothing is less work than anything. But then New Year's is coming up and I realize I still have yet to accomplish many goals I set out for, and I'm sick of saying this year will be different when it is not. I really do hope I can make some improvements. Maybe it won't be a 180 but a 90 degrees isn't so bad! I was inspired by the article below, check it out!

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  1. Sorry, Haven't read the article yet, cause ... well exactly why you sent to me.

    2011 will be fabulous for us, Yeah I say so.