Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Unfortunate Comfort I Have for My Body: A Personal Reflection.

This blog is sort of a mix of everything, so I thought I would share something personal for once, a little note I was writing on my thoughts of my physical appearance and lack of inspiration to get fit. I thought it would be enjoyable to some, maybe they can try to motivate me, either to stay how I am or to get off the couch.

The Unfortunate Comfort I Have for My Body

I'm very comfortable with my body but it is unfortunate because as my mother constantly reminds me I am overweight or pudgy or whatever word it is for I'm supposed to be off my butt exercising and definitely not eating that cake or that shirt is too tight because it reveals my pot belly. I'm not mad at her and it is not that I think she is wrong, I have gained a lot of weight in college. It is also not a I love my body, real women have curves spiel. I just happen to have a high tolerance for my body's appearance. While my mother grabs at the flab on her thighs explaining how she "must" go on the treadmill after a long day of cleaning the garage, I just sit and type this on my laptop. I just don't have it in me at the moment. I mean I like my breasts and my butt and the rest, eh who cares? But seriously, until I look in the mirror and gringe in disgust I will not be hoping over to that treadmill. My butt will probably get fatter and plumper, and I think I might have to acquire a hump and some boils and a snaggle tooth in order for me to go "Oh man, I gotta change!". For now, I just get to enjoy the blogging world while my mother gasps for air as she runs on the treadmill.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cute Stew! Cute Stew Readers RULE Giveaway!

I just found Cute Stew and the name does not lie it is CUTE! She is having an awesome giveaway over there to celebrate her readers! So be sure to head over and enter, it is not just one or three winners but 12!!! All giveaway items are super cool and adorable ranging from Hello Kitty to Harajuku Lovers! Click on the link to go to Cute Stew!


Prize No. 1Prize No. 3Prize No.11

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I'm Mad for Borders!

I love Borders, I love buying books but I especially love Borders because of Paperchase, which specializes in stationary and other cute items! Paperchase is the reason for all the "Awwwwww" cooing, school girl geeking out, jumping for joy well for me at least! Seriously, my boyfriend has to peel me away from their section! I'm always so impressed by their new designs. Borders owned most of Paperchase after 2004 but recently sold the company in July for 31$ Million dollars. Luckily Borders will continue to sell these super cute Paperchase products! But it did make it hard for me to track down Paperchase on Borders website so I went straight to the source! I thought I'd share some of the cutest design they have out!

Folding Bag StickersNotebook

If you want to check out more awesomely cute stationary and decor you can go to their website, they are currently updating it so I bet it'll be even cooler in a few weeks. Or just go to a Borders by you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

StumbleUpon the best invention ever! was shown to me by my boyfriend and I was so thankful he did! It is the best invention ever! It shows me all the goodies I'm interested in on the web! It makes me knowledgeable about passions of mine and inspires me. How does it work? You must go to the link below

You will create a profile indicating your interests, once you have done so and approved to have the StumbleUpon application, you simply click the Stumble! icon on top of your browser and it takes you to a website that is generated to spark your interest! You give a rating of thumbs up or down, making sure that when you stumble you see pages that your friends and similar stumblers. You will find content that you would perhaps never found using a typical search engine.

I encourage you to use this awesome website/tool! Below is a few of my favorites discovered by StumbleUpon. If you like you can friend/follow me, my handle is Deadflyingcat.

The Uniform Project: An awesome project in which an inspiring young lady decides to wear one dress for a whole year to raise money for kids! She styles the dress in amazing ways each day!!about

The A-Z of Awesomeness by Neil Cameron
: The alphabet of nerdy awesome goodness!

Rainbow Pancakes

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Powermat Giveaway!

I have been really wanting a Powermat for the longest time! Why? Because I am sick of all my power cords and unplugging and recharging, I want a simple solution which is the Powermat. Now at Momma Loves Mee she is giving away an awesome Powermat so be sure to go there to enter for your chance to win one!

What exactly is the Powermat, below explains!

"Powermat utilizes principles of magnetic inductio
n combined with Powermat proprietary patent-pending technology to safely and effectively provide power to electronic devices. It allows users to wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously and eliminate the tangle of wires that accumulate in the home and behind work stations. Powermat is a 2 part system pairing a sleek, ultra-thin mat with a receiver that attaches to each device, enabling you to charge by simply placing the device on the mat. When a receiver is not available, each device will be enabled by the Powercube which does have a cord, however the power transfer between the Powercube and the mat is completely wireless.

Click below for your chance to win a Powermat!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't be a Sloppy Milkshake! Watch Adventure Time!

I fell in love with Adventure Time a few years ago! Adventure time is about a boy/hero Finn and his best friend Jake as they go on adventures to save and help those in need. This is unlike any cartoon show I have ever seen, it combines cuteness, randomness, weird and silly humor while also being a light-hearted fun show enjoyable for all ages! It was shown to me as a friend and he explained that this was a pilot that was never picked up by a channel to continue. I was sad because the show was so awesome. However, many people experienced what I did, were shown the crazy ridiculously wonderfully epic first episode of the show and were demanding more! Cartoon Network, as awesome as always, picked up the show for new episodes. I was ecstatic to hear about it this year, and have enjoyed new episodes! So was the little boy I had babysat when I showed him the first episode! Trust me, check out the first episode if you haven't had the chance below.
If you are already a big fan or your friends or children are, below is a link to how make your own Finn Hat! Don't you want to be mathematical like Finn!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snorg Tee Review and Giveaway at EWWITSNIKKI

Do you love really cute T-shirts? You know funny but adorable! Well check out Snorg Tee's they have it all from girly shirts to movie/television shirts! EWWITSNIKKI is giving away a Snorg T-shirt of your choice! Just follow her rules on her blog! Link is below!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My New Favorite Show is Over! Work of Art Finale!

I was surprised that I became a fan of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist because when I first heard the idea of the show I thought it was ridiculous! I really thought it was crazy to make artists compete with a time limit, creativity being pushed by the ticking clock seems so cruel! However, when I decided to finally watch the show I became addicted! I loved the drama, I loved the camaraderie, the process, and especially Simon de Pury, the Tim Gunn of the show! It took me back to my own college art class, which in some ways made the artists and the show less impressive. However, I still loved every drop of it, well maybe not the China Chow part. She just annoyed me, how are you qualified to judge art? You are just a model/actress! The season finale had a lot of surprises such as producer, Sarah Jessica Parker making an appearance! The greatest surprise was that Abdi won and I was thrilled! Although Abdi often struggled in the challenges, and his work was often flawed what made me love him is his brilliant personality. He always had a giant smile on his face, always said positive comments, the eternal optimist. The cheery disposition was not a front because he was on reality television, I could just see his sincerity, he really did want the best for others. After he won the $100,000 thousand dollars he explained that he would be giving it all to his mother who sacrificed so much for him. I do believe he also deserved to win for his talent, that shined through his gallery!

The pieces to the dismay of some judges were conventional but had the similar sincerity and tenderness I see in his praise of others. One judge described his work as having the same grace of a musician. His work has that appeal that you would want the work in your home so you could stare at it for hours. So congrats to Abdi! Especially for winning over the art snob, Miles! I can't believe how rude he would be! He is really talented I have to admit, but his choice to do a weird abstraction using cell phone photos of old people at White Castle, come on I felt I caught some of his crazy just describing it! I think he is one of those artists that can knock out great pieces but have trouble doing a series, but he's young and he probably will thrive in the art world. Below are a few of Abdi's art pieces through out the show.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Graphic Novels for Beginners

I am a big fan of graphic novels but know many are hesitant to picking one up. Maybe they assume it is only about superheros and villains or for children or the basement dwelling dweeb but comics and graphic novels have come a long way! Many are made into popular movies. So for beginners I would like to suggest realistic fiction based graphic novels. Below are some of my favorite authors and their most famous graphic novels! I also like to add that they have some swearing and can be sexual so it is not for the kiddies.

1. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

Ghost world is about a spunky teenager Enid and her friendship with Rebecca. The two offbeat high school graduates look for fun in the suburbs at summertime, yes, it can be hard.
Ghost World focuses on the average joes of the world revealing the everyday jewels of life which is hilarious yet touching. The author and artist, Daniel Clowes effectively weaves these funny yet heart felt day to day characters in his work. If you like Ghost World you should read Clowes' newest work Wilson!

2. Blankets by Craig Thompson
Blankets is an autobiographical story that begins with the authors troubled childhood but the heart of the story is his first teenage romance. Blankets imagery is so beautiful and dreamy that it takes the reader into the deep heart of the author and artist, Craig Thompson. Blankets is clearly a valentine to his lost love and lost innocence and readers should treasure the chance or reading such a personal well crafted graphic novel.

3. Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown

Clumsy is the first graphic novel by Jeffrey Brown, like most of his work it is autobiographical . Like Blankets, the story is about a romance unlike Blankets the artwork itself is charming in its doodle like nature. What makes Clumsy and any truly good autobiographical work amazing is his ability to show the his own personal flaws! He does not draw himself as an adonis no, he shows the big potbelly and chest hair. He shows the self pity and awkwardness but what makes him adorable is his desire to find love.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Ten Giveaway Tips!

In honor of my first blog follower, I decided to get off my butt and write another post! This particular post is really useful for those of you interested in giveaways, especially blog ones. If you never entered a giveaway you will want to reconsider after reading about my success! After attempting to try to win a giveaway for a month I was thinking about giving up but then I decided to change my technique. I then became winning a lot within the past few weeks. Below are tips I've learned through research and practice!

1. Create your own email/social media:
Make an email just for giveaways, this way your messages from friends and family do not get lost in the giveaway information/newsletters. Making your own twitter helps because your family and friends probably do not care for all the giveaway tweets! It also makes it easier for you to find giveaways on twitter, when almost all you follow/followers are in the giveaway community.

2.Keep away the spam:
I made an email just for giveaways, to make it easier to sort information especially those pesky spam ones. Always use (at) and (dot) to keep the spammers away! A spam bot will go around looking for email patterns and will find yours if you do not type it out.

3.Check spam:
No matter how hard you try to keep the spam away, you'll get some! So check your spam folder, there's bound to be a goody in there occasionally! Recently I found I won a giveaway in my spam, I was within 24 hours luckily!

4 Always leave your email address in your comment:
You want to because in many cases they will not be able to reach you!

5. Use a big reliable website:
A website dedicated to giveaways makes fishing for them a piece of cake! They also provide security from scams.But never enter if you think it is shady or are uncomfortable giving certain information.

I found Online-Sweepstakes to be the most fruitful website.
If you are Canadian however, you might want to try Contest Girl.

6. Always read directions:
It never sounds fun but many times when I'm entering I'll be surprised how many comments I see that are incorrect! Your time is very valuable, so if you take the time to enter it, enter it right! Always pay attention to the mandatory entry! Often what gets people is a simple question that is easy to glance over like "What are your summer plans?" Also sometimes the extra entries on some blog giveaways will not apply, like being a GFC follower. Each giveaway is unique! So be careful!

7. Look for the Linkys:
Many giveaway bloggers will post Linkys, links to giveaways, usually on a specific day like every Sunday! These are particularly useful because they will tell you when some are Low Entry!

8. Use Google Blog:
By using Google Blog you can find some giveaways by just searching for it! It also helps you find specific blog giveaways you would be interested in such as clothes giveaway.

9. Enter Low Entry giveaways:
Most the giveaways I have won had under 60 entries. The lower the entry the better chance you have of winning!

10. Copy and Paste is your friend:
By copy and pasting you save yourself so much time! Even if it's just your e-mail address! Also it make sure you are accurate when you are required to write what your favorite item is, which is a very common for blog giveaways!

I hope my tips help you!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well Hello There!

This is my first post and I would like to introduce myself, I'm Lucky's Luna but to make it easy for you guys you can call me Luna. I have been addicted to entering giveaways, sweepstakes, contests for about two months now! I only started getting lucky after I started entering blog giveaways! I've fallen in love with the community and now desire to have my own blog. This blog is dedicated to following my interests such as Art, Fashion, Giveaways and other ideas on how to live life to the fullest when you are just couch surfing!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I hope you come back and become a follower!

-Lucky's Luna


You can contact me at luckysluna(at)yahoo(dot)com

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