Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trick 'r Treat Cutie!

I was thrilled when I came upon this adorable first time giveaway by Quinn Lord, who was in an amazing Halloween movie, Trick 'r Treat! I highly recommend watching the movie that celebrates all that is fun about the most spooky and playful holiday! Quinn Lord played Sam, a character that is like the spirit of Halloween, he watches the unraveling of different townspeople's Halloween experience. He also played Peeping Tommy. For any True Blood fans, this movie will definitely be a treat because Sookie, aka Anna Paquin stars in this film as well. Curious yet? Well check out the trailer for Trick 'r Treat below. You must, MUST check out his first blog post/giveaway! Quinn is giving away a graphic novel of Trick 'r Treat for the best Trick 'r Treat drawing!

Trick 'r Treat trailer

Quinn Lord Trick 'r Treat Giveaway!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fluff my new most favorite accessories brand!

I was introduced to Fluff by Fashion Fling which did a review and giveaway of their Mermaid collection, be sure to check it out so you have a chance to win! Trust me you'll want to win, their collection of bags, wallets, luggage tags, t-shirts cards, etc are so darling! The cutesy kawaii faces will make your eyes bulge in desire! I am in deep love with Fluff, like Tom Cruise jumping on a couch love! I know I'll be asking Santa for some of their goodies for Christmas while buying them as gifts as well! Below are a few of my favorites, and the Mermaid tote will be part of Fashion Fling's Fluff giveaway!

Enter giveaway below!

Check out Fluff!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stuff that makes you go AWWW

I found MiMi Paint via twitter, they had a cute icon and I was delighted to see there was much more from where that came from! I fell in love with these adorable witchy paintings which you can purchase on eBay! They are described as a "Pair of japanese kanji painting "Halloween" version and are the perfect size for a bookmark! I don't know if you are like me but I have a million bookmarks to help with all the books I like to read. I could always use more, perfect for a Halloween gift for your child or friend. Click on the eBay to place your bid!

For more about MiMi Paint click below!

I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan as many of you know so I had to share this great etsy shop, LICORICE & LOLLIPOPS FASHION ACCESSORIES! You can find many super kawaii Hello Kitty jewelry, she also has a large variety of jewelry themes from Alice in Wonderland, adorable deer,tasty desserts and vintage retro items. She is even having a Super Sale that started today! "180+ items priced 50-85% OFF original PRICES!! MOST ITEMS UNDER $10!!" is from her sale announcement! The Hello Kitty mini television necklace is one of the super sale pieces priced at $12.99. So don't wait, hop on over to buy some cute jewelry!

As you see above I did not forget about dogs! But if you prefer cats, you can find the kitty version on their website as well! Everyday Cute shares lots of adorable GIF and comics about their beloved furry friends, Carmen, the yellow lab above, and gray cat Pusheen! They also share the couple's life and pop culture well the title really describes it well, it is Everyday Cute!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Losing My Voice

This morning I woke up and asked my mother what she was up to, she was doing her hair and ready to go out. I mostly spent the rest of the morning on my computer with the dog beside me. Only when my mother phoned and I tried to talk to her did it happen, my voice wouldn't come out right. At first I thought it was just a bit dry or I just had to clear it but it was really bad. It was squeaky it was difficult to get thoughts out. After her call I tried to talk more, at times nothing could even come out. I accepted that I was now without a voice. I told my mom about it when she got home, but she still questioned me about it later wanting to know if I got it from my boyfriend or his family. I had to explain that it can happen because of lack of moisture, and maybe it is my best friend's "fault" since I have been talking to her a lot lately. I had to tell my boyfriend too. But I am scared, it is really frustrating to not talk especially if someone calls you. I guess I have to text back. I have to just not say anything even if it makes people mad because I read that it can permanently damage your voice. I know this is true, there was a girl in my high school with this awful raspy voice and she told us, that it happened because she didn't take care of her throat properly when she had laryngitis. Some thought her voice was cool kind of dark and rough, or it was unique but I thought it was ugly like a rusty telephone pole or an aged chain smoker who was just ten packs away from speaking through a hole in their throat. I take this as an experiment. A vow of silence for at least a week. I'm not looking forward to the frustrated looks and anger thrown at me, the come on you can talk or it can't be that bad, or just tell me. Some people have no patience for these things. But then I just think of that girl's voice and I do not want that to be my future. I was always told I have a lovely sweet voice, to lose that so I can sound like Nancy from Sid and Nancy is cruel! Wish me good luck, and tell me if you ever lost your voice and what helped!
I read a lot about it and apparently there are a lot of myths on what is useful that are actually bad, such as tea with lemon, they are both acidic so it is bad. So is whispering, a "hot toddy" so I'm left to drinking a lot of water.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to School Movies: Sex, Greed, Lawyers and Education

A lot of fall movies are coming out that I'm excited to see! One of which is The Social Network, about the creation of Facebook and the aftermath for the creator, Mark Zuckerberg. The tagline is "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies". The Social Network begins with the transformation of outsider Harvard Student, Zuckerberg, to millionaire party boy with groupies. It makes me miss the glory days of Facebook, when you were required to have a college e-mail address.Facebook has managed to ruin many people lives so it is only fair that it even burns its creator, Mark Zuckerberg. Last month it was reported that a Massachusetts high school teacher lost her job after her Facebook wall became public, she had commented that the students were "germ bags" and referred to the parents as "snobby" and "arrogant". Even in just small ways Facebook complicates our lives by informing all of your friends that you were just dumped or costing job opportunities for whatever personal information that is considered offensive, you're Team Edward, they're Team Jacob. Some may want to see The Social Network for the sex, booze and partying, perhaps to be inspired, but I just want to see the backlash of greed. The release date is October 1st. Although I write of the ills of Facebook, I still have my accounts for now, Facebook is a harsh mistress.

Second is Howl, when I saw the trailer for Howl I literally felt a flicker in my chest! Howl is a Biopic about Allen Ginsberg being played by the very handsome James Franco, that alone is a good reason to watch! The plot centers on the trial for 1957 obscenity trial for "Howl" written by Ginsberg. "Howl" describes illicit drug use and homosexual and hetrosexual sex acts which was way too unsavory for the 1950's. Jon Hamm aka, Don Drapper, is in the film as well, so for all Mad Men enthusiasts you better watch it! Howl blends black and white and color film in such a manner you are reminded of the difference between a film and a movie. It has been a year since my Poetry class in college, I am hoping this movie will inspire me to write and try to get published. I always have the intentions to sit down and write poetry but never seem to be able to do it. I decided to make a challenge for myself, with my lovely readers being witness, to write a poem a day, starting tomorrow until Howl release date September 24! That gives me ten days to write!

Now I know you are thinking you are seeing a pattern, Biopic about a young man that is a talented genius with a crazy sex and intoxication but gets slammed with legal troubles! That is not back to school! Well I saved the best for last, this movie screams school because it is about education. Waiting for Superman is a documentary about the public education in United States, with personal struggles for parents and students to get the education that is deeply desired. Waiting for Superman is directed by Academy Award winning director,Davis Guggenheim, known for An Inconvenient Truth. By the looks of this trailer Waiting for Superman will make you many strong emotions from being thankful you or/and your children have a good education or frustrated because you face similar issues. Interested yet? By simply committing to see the movie you can get a code for $5 to pledge to a classroom of your choice. Check out the trailer to get a glimpse of this amazing movie and for more information on how you can make a difference in your community.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cat Herding because its Caturday!

Today I wanted to share two awesome videos about "cat herding"! Don't worry it's not from that crazy new TLC show Animal Hoarding, they are cute videos!

1. Ikea U.K. Commerical that shows the process of making it.

2.) An EDS commerical that makes Cowboys look like wimps!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Natural Beauty: Enjoying the Green of Summer Before the Leaves Change

It's already Fall but there is still some wisps of Summer, from the hearty trees, warm weather and bright blue sky. Yesterday I was outside a lot, when I was reclining on a lawn chair in my boyfriend's backyard, I felt that Summer Sleepiness, the church bells chiming, neighbor's children running around and the smell of fresh cut grass was wonderful. It made me sad to realize it would all end soon. In Illinois, it gets cold and snowy fast! So today, in honor of the fleeting season I am sharing some fun nature theme items tonight. I'll definitely try for each season, since nature is so beautiful and inspires so many it should be really easy.

Starting off, Summer is the Wedding Season, I am deeply in love with this Enchanted Forest Wedding. I spotted it on Offbeat Bride, the photos are indeed enchanting because the wedding is very whimsical starting with the setting and the lovely details like the cake that fit so well it is charming! For more details and wedding porn check out the link below.

When I think of summer I think of bright popping colors! You know the color of your favorite slushies and Popsicles. Surprisingly this tree has them all! The tree is called a Rainbow Eucalyptus and the scientific name is deglupta Eucalyptus. The link is to a collection of more photos of this truly unique tree.

I was lucky enough to go to my local aquarium, Shedd Aquarium, this summer, it was fun because it was "After Dark" which meant less people, so it was more peaceful. I got to touch a starfish, learn about sting rays, but still felt uneasy to stand on just a thin piece of glass separating us, and watched little kids waddling in penguin suits, and I mean penguin suits! But, that is nothing compared to the Kuroshio Sea tank, which has the second largest aquarium tank in the world! The tank is located at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan. The video is amazing to watch, make sure to make it full screen to fully get the experience!

Finally, I wanted to share two of my favorite pictures from this summer, it is at Lake Michigan.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free Hello Kitty Wallet!

Free Hello Kitty Wallet when you purchase $50 dollars or more at Sanrio. For those of you that don't know it, I'm a giant Hello Kitty fan, so I was very excited to come across this deal and had to share it! The wallet is small which is great for those tiny purses. You can easily rack up 50 bucks by buying a few of the new arrival items I posted below!

Hello Kitty 6" Fruit Plush: Orange

A really refreshing plush design. Makes a great gift especially for a sick buddy, give them a shot of Vitamin Cute!,default,pd.html?cgid=new%20arrivals

Hello Kitty Tote Bag: Black Dots

I love this tote because it blendsa a modern pattern and the cute iconography of Hello Kitty into a fun but mature item which is ideal for older Hello Kitty fans like me. The tote is large so it is perfect for carrying all your other must haves and a good back to school bag.

Want to make Math more fun or are you a chic geek that loves the numbers! Either way you must get this adorable yet affordable Hello Kitty Calculator, that will have you smiling as you crunch,default,pd.html?cgid=new%20arrivals

Finally, you have to get this adorable yet affordable Hello Kitty calculator that will make crunching numbers so much fun! Be Geek Chic with this bad boy sticking out of your front pocket!

Hello Kitty Die-Cut Desktop Calculator: Red White Bow,default,pd.html?cgid=new%20arrivals

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Awesomness coming to you from Japan!

I have always been very fond of Japanese culture, starting with my huge love for Hello Kitty as a child. As a teenager I fell in love with Anime. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you guys, if you love them as well tell me a fond memory you have or another awesome Japanese product, art form or etc I should know!

1. Furoshiki Gift Wrapping, I stumbledupon this cool Japanese Art Form which takes gift wrapping to a new level, allowing the giver to offer the gift in an eco-friendly yet beautiful fabric. It is truly amazing process to watch in the youtube link below.

2. Ramune, A delicious carbonated drink that is well known for its unique design! Ramune is made of glass and sealed with a marble; in order to open the bottle, you must push the marble inside the neck of the bottle with a little device on the lid. Sounds complicated? It might be a bit tricky at first but its part of the fun! Well worth while since it tastes so good! Ramune is offered in a variety of places from your local Asian Market or Sushi Restaurant, but there is always Amazon!

3. Botan Rice Candy, I grew up eating this tasty treat which is chewy and offers the unusual chance to eat rice paper! I loved it because it always comes with a little toy usually a sticker! I actually have one on my laptop right now, of Japanese Symbols, perhaps for yummy candy. You can also find this on Amazon but is very popular, you are bond to find it at your local Asian market.

4. Rinne (2005), Also known as Reincarnation is a Japanese Horror Movie, there are a lot of really great Japanese Horror movies but this one is my favorite because I love past lives and creepy hotels (Love The Shining). It is made by the people that brought you The Grudge, it is about a professor who videotapes a massacre in an experiment in hopes of revealing the truth of reincarnation. I am linking up a trailer but warn you SPOILER ALERT, as like many trailers it shows lots of juicy bits but some need that to be enticed! Perfect movie to watch for this coming Halloween!

5. Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel, A popular item in our home, better than a loofah, why because loofahs seem to always fall in my shower because they are bulky! This wash cloth is perfect for reaching your back, dries quick and you'll have silky smooth skin! It comes in fun colors like pink, blue and yellow so you can have one for each family member. Also available at Amazon, because Amazon is amazing! However we were able to get it at our local Asian market, so keep your eye out!

Finally Try Flutterscape! What is Flutterscape? It may seem odd or complex but it is really fun! So it starts out with a random person in Japan, who take a photo of an item at store, they post it on Flutterscape, people bid on the item, once auction is over, they go back to the store purchase item and send it to Flutterscape Headquarters who send it to the recipient. You can find all sorts of crazy random merchandise that is fun to browse through and you might come across a dream item! It is where I got the top image,Nyanpire, and below are a two cute items I found there as well!