Monday, August 8, 2011

I need more cake!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been busy but mostly I haven't been able to because my computer is slowly dying! I am hoping I can get a super awesome new computer soon, so I can share more to my lovely readers! I would like to try to give my blog a makeover while I'm at it! I have already changed the aesthetic of the blog, I actually created my cute black kitty and bunny characters! YAY! Below is the delicious Birthday cake my mom was sweet enough to make me for my Birthday in July. I could use some more to help me with my frustration!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taste of Chicago Ticket Giveaway

I love the Taste of Chicago! The Taste starts Friday, June 24 and lasts til July 3rd! I went to it last year and can't wait to go this year! I had amazing eats from the famous Eli's Cheesecake, a yummy taco from Carbon, the popular Harry Carary's Restaurant's Holy Cow Potato Chips, one of my favorite tastes, they gave me a huge portion, I also got a very yummy funnel cake and empanadas but I can't remember where. This year I plan to try Smoke Daddy's Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken sandwich, I heard amazing reviews of Smoke Daddy's! I also want to try Manny's Cafeteria and Delicatessen's Corned Beef Brisket Sandwich that is supposed to be The Best Corned Beef in Chicago! If you never had Brazilian BBQ then I highly recommend those attending this year to stop at Texas de Brazil, the Chicken Wrapped in Bacon is to die for!
I was so excited to see that on Chefdruck Musings blog she is giving away tickets to The Taste of Chicago! I hoped at the chance to enter and to share to my readers about this great giveaway! The Taste of Chicago is definitely a worthwhile event for visitors!

Enter below at Chefdruck Musings for a chance to get some free Taste of Chicago tickets!

For more information about the Taste of Chicago and events for 2011 check out the link below.

Good Luck everyone!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paperflavor Giveaway Winner!!! And CUTE BABY CHICK COOKIE PIE!

I'm excited to announce my First Blog Giveaway Winner for Paperflavor is Stephanie (jasperjax2003)!!! Yay, Congratulations Stephanie on winning really cute Paperflavor Fruit Card Set! I used to pick my lucky winner, she won as lucky comment 11!!!

Thank you for all that participated! I really love my new followers!!!

I wanted to end this blog milestone with a bang by sharing a really adorable treat I whipped up! Although Summer is just around the corner, I know you guys will love to prepare this last minute Spring Dish, before it gets too hot to bake in your oven!

Now, I bet you are wondering what is surrounding that yummy cookie pie, well I couldn't help but make an over the top presentation with the help of a green feather boa and some fake flowers. Onto the Baby Chick Cookie Pie, first I made the Cookie Pie, just using store bought cookie dough and baking it in a tin pan. After it cooled I first made the wreath using green frosting and then pink icing for the flowers, the red buds are 1/3 of a Swedish Fish. I added some sprinkles around the wreath and Bubble Gum Mini Eggs, and finally a few white Coconut M&Ms to complete the look. The Baby Chick's face is made out of Yellow Icing with tiny yellow sprinkles over it, to give it a slightly fuzzy look. Then the eyes are just two green Coconut M&Ms and the beak is an Orange Flavored Tootsie Roll, that I bended and creased to make a smile! I hope my Baby Chick Cookie Pie inspires you to make a delicious dessert for your friends and family!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paperflavor Giveaway: First Blog Giveaway!

I'm so excited to announce my First Blog Giveaway with Paperflavor! Paperflavor offers the cutest stationary along with other adorable products from flair:totes, pins, etc and apparel: shirts, tank tops and onesies! Paperflavor prides themselves on making items that are perfect for babies and kids, Paperflavor also offers unique and modern wedding materials and customers can personalize the products easily. Perhaps the heart and soul of Paperflavor are the Flavorkids, Flavorgirl and Flavorboy always make me smile with their big puppy dog eyes and whimsy! I am lucky enough to receive a variety goodies from Paperflavor to help me write a thorough review for you, the readers. Below you can see the delciously fun Paperflavor haul I recieved: the Flavorkid Cool Nerd Paper Doll and Flavorkid Rocker Paper Doll, along with Flavorgirl Holiday Cut Outs, four Flavorgirl pins, and three cards, Mother's Day card, a Wedding card, and a Housewarming card and in the middle the giveaway prize Flavorgirl Original Fruit Card Set.

I gave my mom the Mother's Day card and she absolutely loves it! The heart ballon is precious and I like that it reads "Happy Mommy Day!" since I never call her Mother, it's always Mommy or Mom. She really enjoys the card because of the heartwarming Flavorgirl who she said reminds her of me. I suppose I see a bit of resemblance. I couldn't help but try to pair the lovely Mother's Day Card with a photo of myself to display the similarities.I think Paperflavor's motto says it all "Sweet stationary, made fresh daily." Their products are endearing but also refreshing with its modern twist. Such as the Flavorkid paper doll set I received of Cool Nerd and Rocker. If the Mother's day card didn't resemble me, the cool nerd paper doll certainly does! I am of course a cool nerd, I was so excited to find a paper doll with glasses, I tend to wear glasses about 60% of the time, and she even had red frames just like me! I dressed her up with a hairband, another favorite accessory of mine and an adorable dressy outfit! I choose the backdrop of books to help this little smarty shine in her natural environment! I really had fun with the paperdolls I have had a few in the past but never with such cool outfits and funky accessories! The best part is that they are not only super cute, creative but very light, I can easily take my Flavorgirl Cool Nerd paper doll with me everywhere. If I wanted to try to craft some new clothes for her, all I need is paper and scissors! Look out Blythe dolls you got a new fashionable lighter doll to compete with!

I think these Flavorkid paper doll sets would make great graduation gifts, fun for all ages, I used scissors to cut mine but X-acto knife would also work well, but make sure to cut under a safe surface so you don't scratch up your table.

Christmas came early this year with the Flavorgirl Holiday Cut Outs! They were pretty easy to cut, just follow the dotted line, I can see kids having a blast cutting them up for the holidays. They are perfect holiday treat, make me really look forward to Christmas! I think they'd be great as a gift tag such as the Reindeer cut out above. The Elf cut out look so festive on a big red Holiday bow, definitely some kawaii pizazz! If you would like to see more Holiday items from Paperflavor click link below!

Be sure to check out Paperflavor items they are printed beauitfully, bold colors on quality paper, cuter than a box of kittens designs and their items have affordable prices! I am really excited to see that Paperflavor will be having an event in Pasadena, CA! I'm actually was born in Pasadena, talk about a cosmic connection! So if you happen to be in the Pasadena area during May 14-15th please go to the Paseo Spring Fest at 280 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101.

Now the best part, the Giveaway! Check out this adorable Flavorgirl Original Fruit Card Set below!Front of Card Set

Back of Card Set, shows the variety of cute cards! They are all blank inside, wonderful for any occasion!


One lucky winner will get a Flavorgirl Orginal Fruits Card Set! (as shown above)

How to Enter
First do the Mandatory Entry
Go to Paperflavor and tell me what is your favorite product and you must include your email in the comment.

Extra Entries
(do the above Mandatory Entry FIRST in order for your entries to count!)
Leave a comment for each extra entry, if you get 2 more entries comment 2 more times!

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Giveaway begins Monday May 9th and ends Monday May 23rd at 11:59 PM!
For U.S. Citizens Only!
Disclaimer: I was not paid for my review. I was given free products for the purpose of a review.
The winner will be emailed and must respond within 48 hours!

UPDATE!!!! 5/23/ 11 Blogger went down I lost comments, they have however returned! Thankfully! For those that were nice enough to post their comments again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience and really appreciated your help but I had to delete duplicate entries.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring is here!

Living in a chilly place like Illinois, has always made me look forward to the end of the freezing winter chills and the beautiful bloom of Spring! I want to share how I have been celebrating Spring, with yummy Easter inspired treats and a visit to the Chicago Botanical Gardens!Tired of the classical Easter basket? You should try using a Chinese take out box instead, I got the one above at World Market. I decorated it with lots of stickers to give a personal touch. I really like the Chinese take out box because it allowed me to seal up all the candy and goodies. I didn't have to worry about them falling out during my travel for delivery. It also is a good size portion, especially for kids. It is really easy to over do it on the holidays, too much sweets always ends up in a tummy ache. I think it'd be perfect for handing out party favors for Birthdays!I did something I haven't done for about ten years, make chocolate lollipops! Above is an Easter basket full of eggs mold. They were a huge hit with my boyfriend's family. I'm totally in love with making chocolate molds, the chocolate just tastes better homemade and its always more special because of it comes from the heart!

Chicago Botanical Gardens was a fun date for my boyfriend and I this past weekend. Although some of the flowers weren't in bloom yet, like the roses. There were so many stunning flowers, such as the one above. I like it because it reminds me of snake skin and is such a pretty color! I really enjoyed seeing some spring flower favorites like cherry blossoms. My favorite part of the trip was going to Spider Island, although don't let the title fool you, it is not spooky! Instead there were many hungry Koi swimming close to the bridge leading to the island in eager hopes of visitors dropping some crumbs. One of the greatest treasures of the Chicago Botanical Gardens wasn't the flowers but the animals, the ducks, the geese, the swans, and all the many tiny birds gulping down worms. I definitely will go back in the Summer, but it is nice to go in the Spring because it is cooler, less crowded and has Spring features like daffodils.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More art projects!

Day 13: Use tea leaves or tea bags or even just liquid tea to create something today. I used both liquied tea and tea leaves to create the famous image, at least to me, of my boyfriend, Drew on the beach.Day 14: Make something microscopic. I made tiny little love designs. I used pencil and colored pencil for the design. It is the size or smaller than a penny!Day 15: What can you do with just a dollar? Use a dollar bill as your medium or inspiration today. I made a dollar bill ring. I think I made one when I was younger but it didn't turn out well. I was excited to make one, it doesn't look exactly like the picture on the instructions but I like to be different!Day 16: Make a unique print by cutting up a potato or sponge, use it to stamp on material of choice. I made a potato stamp, by cutting a flower shape into it. I thought to use an interesting material with it, so I used this shiny red nail polish. I think it turned out well. I would like to try it again someday!

Day 17: make something inspired by/and or that goes over an eye. I have to say I thought I'd make something a bit cooler, but was a bit strapped for time. I just made a simple eye patch using material from an old skirt. I like that it is a bit loose and surprising pattern for an eye patch being that it is floral and a sunny yellow.

Day 18: Work with things that you find in your car. I used cards from my mom's car. I thought they were so cool and they really touched me. They are used for inspiration to gain personal happiness. They are called The Four Agreements . Here is a link for them on Amazon.
I picked four cards, one for each agreement and illustrated them using my own special touch and artistic license. I used colored pencils as my medium. I really am happy with them! I love the art styles of the cards.Day 19: Create something that floats on water. I tried making a paper lantern but when that failed I made two boxes. One did not hold up too well in the sink filled with water. But the one that has a cute sort of monster/star shape did well. I really liked it, I decorated it with ink drawings of flowers.Day 20: Buy or make some clay and then use it like you never have before. I have some green and yellow clay. I decided to make something for my wonderful boyfriend, and make a green lantern ring, something I definitely never made before. It is really big and kinda silly but awesome. I'm excited to show him. I don't know how to harden it though. The clay melted in the oven you might remember from my first challenge and again when I did a test drive. Hopefully after few days it will harden by itself but I'm too scared to heat it in the oven and risk melting it.

Day 21: Write a ten-word love story. I wrote the love story of me and Drew.
Day 22: Create a bridge. Connect two things in a creative way. As you might have guessed it again I decided to use my boyfriend for inspiration. I think it's because Valentine's day is coming up and because I really miss him. I cut up a bunch of hearts using this fancy catalog filled with romantic Valentine's day goodies. I then threaded it with red thread. I know had my "bridge" sort of a tightrope kind of bridge, a bridge filled with love. I connected two things, me and him with our pictures, and I had this great J for my name Jessica paper I wanted to use. Drew gave it to me for Christmas. I tried to make a heart by with the read thread to connect my side but made more of lips, for a kiss instead. Still I'm thrilled by that! I then gave two kisses with my pink lipstick stained lips. Thus sending my kisses to my boyfriend via the bridge of love. I connected his side to the doorknob on this cute tiny white hutch. His picture behind the door of the glass with adorable puckered lips.

Catching up on my Art Daily Challenges

Hey it's been awhile but I still have been busy working on my Art projects every day. I find them very fun and it really is inspiring. It lead to doing other creative projects for fun. So since I have a lot to catch up on I'll keep the project updates brief.

Day 9: Make something with your breakfast before you eat it.
I made butterfly waffles with cherry jelly, whipped cream and maple syrup.
Day 10: Use only water as your medium/inspiration today. Looking back I guess I didn't read the directions too clearly, I thought it meant medium or inspiration. I didn't use water as my medium but instead as inspiration. I made a water drop piece on photoshop. Oh well we all make mistakes and this shows I have to be more careful with these instructions. Sometimes they seem a bit vague.
Day 11: Work on the other hand. Pick a medium you're comfortable with, then work with your non-dominant hand. I decided to use a pencil for medium since I'm really comfortable with drawing. I drew with my left hand, and used a picture of a bride and her helpers from magazine clipping as inspiration. Below is the comparison. I was surprised and I think I did pretty well.Day 12: Camouflage. Create or alter something so that it disappears into its background. I had trouble figuring out what to do but decided to camouflage ornaments. I thought it would be funny and unexpected. I just used colored green pencils to color paper and taped it to the ornaments.

I'll shortly add another post about my other challenges.