Saturday, September 18, 2010

Losing My Voice

This morning I woke up and asked my mother what she was up to, she was doing her hair and ready to go out. I mostly spent the rest of the morning on my computer with the dog beside me. Only when my mother phoned and I tried to talk to her did it happen, my voice wouldn't come out right. At first I thought it was just a bit dry or I just had to clear it but it was really bad. It was squeaky it was difficult to get thoughts out. After her call I tried to talk more, at times nothing could even come out. I accepted that I was now without a voice. I told my mom about it when she got home, but she still questioned me about it later wanting to know if I got it from my boyfriend or his family. I had to explain that it can happen because of lack of moisture, and maybe it is my best friend's "fault" since I have been talking to her a lot lately. I had to tell my boyfriend too. But I am scared, it is really frustrating to not talk especially if someone calls you. I guess I have to text back. I have to just not say anything even if it makes people mad because I read that it can permanently damage your voice. I know this is true, there was a girl in my high school with this awful raspy voice and she told us, that it happened because she didn't take care of her throat properly when she had laryngitis. Some thought her voice was cool kind of dark and rough, or it was unique but I thought it was ugly like a rusty telephone pole or an aged chain smoker who was just ten packs away from speaking through a hole in their throat. I take this as an experiment. A vow of silence for at least a week. I'm not looking forward to the frustrated looks and anger thrown at me, the come on you can talk or it can't be that bad, or just tell me. Some people have no patience for these things. But then I just think of that girl's voice and I do not want that to be my future. I was always told I have a lovely sweet voice, to lose that so I can sound like Nancy from Sid and Nancy is cruel! Wish me good luck, and tell me if you ever lost your voice and what helped!
I read a lot about it and apparently there are a lot of myths on what is useful that are actually bad, such as tea with lemon, they are both acidic so it is bad. So is whispering, a "hot toddy" so I'm left to drinking a lot of water.


  1. Aw, what a bummer. Which I knew of some remedies that really work.

  2. Thanks I was lucky and my voice actually came back! I'm so grateful because it was really hard not talking!