Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Natural Beauty: Enjoying the Green of Summer Before the Leaves Change

It's already Fall but there is still some wisps of Summer, from the hearty trees, warm weather and bright blue sky. Yesterday I was outside a lot, when I was reclining on a lawn chair in my boyfriend's backyard, I felt that Summer Sleepiness, the church bells chiming, neighbor's children running around and the smell of fresh cut grass was wonderful. It made me sad to realize it would all end soon. In Illinois, it gets cold and snowy fast! So today, in honor of the fleeting season I am sharing some fun nature theme items tonight. I'll definitely try for each season, since nature is so beautiful and inspires so many it should be really easy.

Starting off, Summer is the Wedding Season, I am deeply in love with this Enchanted Forest Wedding. I spotted it on Offbeat Bride, the photos are indeed enchanting because the wedding is very whimsical starting with the setting and the lovely details like the cake that fit so well it is charming! For more details and wedding porn check out the link below.

When I think of summer I think of bright popping colors! You know the color of your favorite slushies and Popsicles. Surprisingly this tree has them all! The tree is called a Rainbow Eucalyptus and the scientific name is deglupta Eucalyptus. The link is to a collection of more photos of this truly unique tree.

I was lucky enough to go to my local aquarium, Shedd Aquarium, this summer, it was fun because it was "After Dark" which meant less people, so it was more peaceful. I got to touch a starfish, learn about sting rays, but still felt uneasy to stand on just a thin piece of glass separating us, and watched little kids waddling in penguin suits, and I mean penguin suits! But, that is nothing compared to the Kuroshio Sea tank, which has the second largest aquarium tank in the world! The tank is located at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan. The video is amazing to watch, make sure to make it full screen to fully get the experience!

Finally, I wanted to share two of my favorite pictures from this summer, it is at Lake Michigan.


  1. hi! i just wanted to let you know to check out the announcement of the cute stew giveaway winners is up. please check it out ;)

  2. I did, it was really fun, I highly anticipated your giveaway! I'm really glad I won the Hello Kitty Nail set, my nails totally need some cute, thanks for not keeping it for yourself and sharing!

  3. I love the picture of the aquarium, I saw a music video featuring it on Vimeo, beautiful place and thanks for the comment on the blog, good luck to you too. I like your blog as well and my blog title just comes from a childhood book I had :) Nothing fancy, haha. xxx