Sunday, August 22, 2010

Powermat Giveaway!

I have been really wanting a Powermat for the longest time! Why? Because I am sick of all my power cords and unplugging and recharging, I want a simple solution which is the Powermat. Now at Momma Loves Mee she is giving away an awesome Powermat so be sure to go there to enter for your chance to win one!

What exactly is the Powermat, below explains!

"Powermat utilizes principles of magnetic inductio
n combined with Powermat proprietary patent-pending technology to safely and effectively provide power to electronic devices. It allows users to wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously and eliminate the tangle of wires that accumulate in the home and behind work stations. Powermat is a 2 part system pairing a sleek, ultra-thin mat with a receiver that attaches to each device, enabling you to charge by simply placing the device on the mat. When a receiver is not available, each device will be enabled by the Powercube which does have a cord, however the power transfer between the Powercube and the mat is completely wireless.

Click below for your chance to win a Powermat!

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