Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Unfortunate Comfort I Have for My Body: A Personal Reflection.

This blog is sort of a mix of everything, so I thought I would share something personal for once, a little note I was writing on my thoughts of my physical appearance and lack of inspiration to get fit. I thought it would be enjoyable to some, maybe they can try to motivate me, either to stay how I am or to get off the couch.

The Unfortunate Comfort I Have for My Body

I'm very comfortable with my body but it is unfortunate because as my mother constantly reminds me I am overweight or pudgy or whatever word it is for I'm supposed to be off my butt exercising and definitely not eating that cake or that shirt is too tight because it reveals my pot belly. I'm not mad at her and it is not that I think she is wrong, I have gained a lot of weight in college. It is also not a I love my body, real women have curves spiel. I just happen to have a high tolerance for my body's appearance. While my mother grabs at the flab on her thighs explaining how she "must" go on the treadmill after a long day of cleaning the garage, I just sit and type this on my laptop. I just don't have it in me at the moment. I mean I like my breasts and my butt and the rest, eh who cares? But seriously, until I look in the mirror and gringe in disgust I will not be hoping over to that treadmill. My butt will probably get fatter and plumper, and I think I might have to acquire a hump and some boils and a snaggle tooth in order for me to go "Oh man, I gotta change!". For now, I just get to enjoy the blogging world while my mother gasps for air as she runs on the treadmill.


  1. Your mom sounds a lot like mine.

  2. Yeah its funny how moms are a lot a like, they always think they're doing the best when they drive us crazy!

  3. Well, since I am probably the age of your mom...I sort of get where she is coming from. What we know is that it only gets harder to shape up after a certain age. My daughter and I both complain about those 10-15 pounds we'd like to lose...although I don't pick at her about it. We just hate to give up food to do it.

    I will say this, my greatest discovery of late has been "Walk it Out" for the Wii. I hate exercise. I've done the gym many times, I have a treadmill and lots of other fine pieces of equipment that I've wasted money on...but until I bought this game in January, I wouldn't stick with anything. Now, I walk 10,000 steps almost every day and have fun doing it...even I am amazed!

  4. Good for you for being so content with your body. That is something most women NEED. I think as long as you're happy then you don't need to worry about it. I think a good 20 min walk is good enough, just to stay healthy, but I don't think you need to worry about losing weight since you're so happy with your body.
    By the way, I just became a follower. You're great! I look forward to getting to know you better!

  5. @Sue, I never heard of this game before, but we have a Wii, I'll definitely look it up! Boy do I love food too! I have a big sweet tooth so sometimes it seems impossible, but there are some good low fat treats like 100 calories chocolate covered pretzels. I do hate exercising, I always was very slow in gym at High School, but I like try to find ways to make it fun, like exploring the city you walk a lot! Thanks for commenting!

    Thanks for the support! I do think more women should be happy with their body since there is a big body image problem in our country. I look forward to gettting to know you better as well and really enjoyed your email today!