Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Ten Giveaway Tips!

In honor of my first blog follower, I decided to get off my butt and write another post! This particular post is really useful for those of you interested in giveaways, especially blog ones. If you never entered a giveaway you will want to reconsider after reading about my success! After attempting to try to win a giveaway for a month I was thinking about giving up but then I decided to change my technique. I then became winning a lot within the past few weeks. Below are tips I've learned through research and practice!

1. Create your own email/social media:
Make an email just for giveaways, this way your messages from friends and family do not get lost in the giveaway information/newsletters. Making your own twitter helps because your family and friends probably do not care for all the giveaway tweets! It also makes it easier for you to find giveaways on twitter, when almost all you follow/followers are in the giveaway community.

2.Keep away the spam:
I made an email just for giveaways, to make it easier to sort information especially those pesky spam ones. Always use (at) and (dot) to keep the spammers away! A spam bot will go around looking for email patterns and will find yours if you do not type it out.

3.Check spam:
No matter how hard you try to keep the spam away, you'll get some! So check your spam folder, there's bound to be a goody in there occasionally! Recently I found I won a giveaway in my spam, I was within 24 hours luckily!

4 Always leave your email address in your comment:
You want to because in many cases they will not be able to reach you!

5. Use a big reliable website:
A website dedicated to giveaways makes fishing for them a piece of cake! They also provide security from scams.But never enter if you think it is shady or are uncomfortable giving certain information.

I found Online-Sweepstakes to be the most fruitful website.
If you are Canadian however, you might want to try Contest Girl.

6. Always read directions:
It never sounds fun but many times when I'm entering I'll be surprised how many comments I see that are incorrect! Your time is very valuable, so if you take the time to enter it, enter it right! Always pay attention to the mandatory entry! Often what gets people is a simple question that is easy to glance over like "What are your summer plans?" Also sometimes the extra entries on some blog giveaways will not apply, like being a GFC follower. Each giveaway is unique! So be careful!

7. Look for the Linkys:
Many giveaway bloggers will post Linkys, links to giveaways, usually on a specific day like every Sunday! These are particularly useful because they will tell you when some are Low Entry!

8. Use Google Blog:
By using Google Blog you can find some giveaways by just searching for it! It also helps you find specific blog giveaways you would be interested in such as clothes giveaway.

9. Enter Low Entry giveaways:
Most the giveaways I have won had under 60 entries. The lower the entry the better chance you have of winning!

10. Copy and Paste is your friend:
By copy and pasting you save yourself so much time! Even if it's just your e-mail address! Also it make sure you are accurate when you are required to write what your favorite item is, which is a very common for blog giveaways!

I hope my tips help you!



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  2. #9 is a good one. I have a small blog and it kills me that more of my Followers don't take the initiative to click over and enter for some great Giveaways. Sheesh. Good tips here.

    I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog to enter the Giveaway. Hope you'll come visit again soon. :)