Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Graphic Novels for Beginners

I am a big fan of graphic novels but know many are hesitant to picking one up. Maybe they assume it is only about superheros and villains or for children or the basement dwelling dweeb but comics and graphic novels have come a long way! Many are made into popular movies. So for beginners I would like to suggest realistic fiction based graphic novels. Below are some of my favorite authors and their most famous graphic novels! I also like to add that they have some swearing and can be sexual so it is not for the kiddies.

1. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

Ghost world is about a spunky teenager Enid and her friendship with Rebecca. The two offbeat high school graduates look for fun in the suburbs at summertime, yes, it can be hard.
Ghost World focuses on the average joes of the world revealing the everyday jewels of life which is hilarious yet touching. The author and artist, Daniel Clowes effectively weaves these funny yet heart felt day to day characters in his work. If you like Ghost World you should read Clowes' newest work Wilson!

2. Blankets by Craig Thompson
Blankets is an autobiographical story that begins with the authors troubled childhood but the heart of the story is his first teenage romance. Blankets imagery is so beautiful and dreamy that it takes the reader into the deep heart of the author and artist, Craig Thompson. Blankets is clearly a valentine to his lost love and lost innocence and readers should treasure the chance or reading such a personal well crafted graphic novel.

3. Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown

Clumsy is the first graphic novel by Jeffrey Brown, like most of his work it is autobiographical . Like Blankets, the story is about a romance unlike Blankets the artwork itself is charming in its doodle like nature. What makes Clumsy and any truly good autobiographical work amazing is his ability to show the his own personal flaws! He does not draw himself as an adonis no, he shows the big potbelly and chest hair. He shows the self pity and awkwardness but what makes him adorable is his desire to find love.

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