Tuesday, August 24, 2010

StumbleUpon the best invention ever!

StumbleUpon.com was shown to me by my boyfriend and I was so thankful he did! It is the best invention ever! It shows me all the goodies I'm interested in on the web! It makes me knowledgeable about passions of mine and inspires me. How does it work? You must go to the link below


You will create a profile indicating your interests, once you have done so and approved to have the StumbleUpon application, you simply click the Stumble! icon on top of your browser and it takes you to a website that is generated to spark your interest! You give a rating of thumbs up or down, making sure that when you stumble you see pages that your friends and similar stumblers. You will find content that you would perhaps never found using a typical search engine.

I encourage you to use this awesome website/tool! Below is a few of my favorites discovered by StumbleUpon. If you like you can friend/follow me, my handle is Deadflyingcat.

The Uniform Project: An awesome project in which an inspiring young lady decides to wear one dress for a whole year to raise money for kids! She styles the dress in amazing ways each day!

The A-Z of Awesomeness by Neil Cameron
: The alphabet of nerdy awesome goodness!


Rainbow Pancakes


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