Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 Daily Art Challenge Day 2 and 3

For the second day challenge I had to use my favorite animal for inspiration. Cats are definitely my favorite animal. I wanted to use the book my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, How to Draw Cats book, which crazy enough I had one just like it as a kid. I also was really inspired by toilet paper roll art I've seen online and wanted to attempt it using a paper roll from gift wrap. I really like the concept of using something typically seen as trash into art. It really makes people question the use of typical average boring objects. At first I sketched a scene of two cats playing with a butterfly from the How to Draw Cats book on to the roll. I then used a push pin, it was close at hand and it was similar affect as to making a Jack 'O Lantern where you pierce it to make the design. I then popped out the cats and butterfly slightly to make a 3D pop up affect I've admired. If I were to attempt this project again I might spray paint the roll and add a small light inside to illuminate the shadows. Below are pictures of Day 2 art project.

Sketch and Pierced Outline

Cats and Butterfly Popped Out

The Third Day Challenge was to make something using paper without using scissors, glue, or drawing on it. Very tricky huh? I read in the back of the book about quilling, or paper filigree which is taking scraps of paper and rolling it up to make a design. I tried this by tearing sheets of paper and rolling it and carefully placed it on a painted cardboard surface. I made a letter J for Jessica. I also thought that the scraps of paper resembled sky scrappers so I attempted to make a wadded up Godzilla out of paper as well. This was a fun project that once again shows that it is great to have a prompt and deadline. It really pushes me to try materials I never worked with and be creative. Below are photos of this project, I apologize for the fuzziness, I had to use my cellphone camera.
The Letter J, I really love the delicate nature of the paperGodzilla's fiery breath and endangered city, it was a fun last minute decision to try to make a Godzilla.

Tomorrow's challenge is to take a five minute walk and look for materials to make an art project, then document it, i.e. photograph and leave it for someone to stumble upon. I'm not sure if I will do the second half and leave it behind, I think it will either be just taken away by the garbage man or frighten neighbors.

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