Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching up on my Art Daily Challenges

Hey it's been awhile but I still have been busy working on my Art projects every day. I find them very fun and it really is inspiring. It lead to doing other creative projects for fun. So since I have a lot to catch up on I'll keep the project updates brief.

Day 9: Make something with your breakfast before you eat it.
I made butterfly waffles with cherry jelly, whipped cream and maple syrup.
Day 10: Use only water as your medium/inspiration today. Looking back I guess I didn't read the directions too clearly, I thought it meant medium or inspiration. I didn't use water as my medium but instead as inspiration. I made a water drop piece on photoshop. Oh well we all make mistakes and this shows I have to be more careful with these instructions. Sometimes they seem a bit vague.
Day 11: Work on the other hand. Pick a medium you're comfortable with, then work with your non-dominant hand. I decided to use a pencil for medium since I'm really comfortable with drawing. I drew with my left hand, and used a picture of a bride and her helpers from magazine clipping as inspiration. Below is the comparison. I was surprised and I think I did pretty well.Day 12: Camouflage. Create or alter something so that it disappears into its background. I had trouble figuring out what to do but decided to camouflage ornaments. I thought it would be funny and unexpected. I just used colored green pencils to color paper and taped it to the ornaments.

I'll shortly add another post about my other challenges.

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  1. hello! I love your art a day challenge! I might have to look into that.

    I just stopped by to say thanks for entering my giveaway!