Monday, January 10, 2011

Art Challenge Day 7 and 8

Yay I made it through a whole week! It was pretty hard, I felt pretty tired Sunday but I still pushed myself to do the art challenge because it was my special day 7, final day of the week challenge! I realize that once again even if a project does not seem that challenging or fun it actually is, it is always worth a try. For the seventh day I had to make a stencil and use it. I decided not to "cheat" and use my awesome new Silhouette SD printer, and try to make one the old fashioned hard way. Since it was the harder way I opted for a simple design, a cupcake! I decided to spice up the bottom of a cupcake print lid and make some cupcake stencils. The lid's box original held my cupcake stand. After making one stencil, I filled it in and decide to make two more but with unique designs. Typically you make everything the same with a stencil, but what I liked was the outline was the same but I could have them be different still. Below are pictures of day 7. I just used a simple black marker.
Art Challenge Day 8, aka today was to "Transform an old book into something new by cutting folding, gluing and so on." Now I hate to destroy a book even if it is old so I was kinda stumped at first. But once I looked on my bookshelf I noticed an old cute Japanese journal. I occasionally wrote in the journal, some ambitions, recipes but mostly complaints. I hate journal entries from the past, so moody and depressing. So I happily balled up what I wrote and threw it in the trash. I tore the clean fresh pages out and decided to try to attempt a project I had admired in the picture below. By cutting the pages out and then folding them in half and gluing them back into the spine makes this lovely sculpture. I unfortunately do not have a source of the picture. But thanks to however inspired me! Now this is one of those projects I admire but always thought it would be way too hard to do so I put it off. But I was surprised how simple and fun and breezy the project was once I started. The cool think with choosing the journal is that the pages had three colors, pink, purplish blue and green. I tried alternating the colors giving it a balanced look but I think the pages come off pretty white in the photos. I then had to figure out how to make it able to hang. I found some thread and a needle and the needle luckily was sharp enough to pierce the spine of the cover, it took a while to get the needle through one side to the other. I then threaded it few times and voila! I had hanging floating book art sculpture!

Day 9 Challenge is to make something with your breakfast before you eat it! This one sounds fun, I love breakfast!


  1. That book sculpture came out really good! Love that the pages were three colors and that you're having fun with the book of prompts :)

    - Jonathan

  2. That looks so cool! I saw you came to visit my blog and enter some giveaways so I wanted to return the favor. Have a wonderful week!!
    Aleks :)