Saturday, January 8, 2011

Art Challenge Day 5 and 6

My 5 Day challenge is to work with a collection of objects. My mother had just discovered my pog collection and I thought it was the perfect tool for inspiration! I had not seen this collection since I was maybe 10? It was in this hot pink lunchbox, I think I used it as a lunch box? Kind of blurry, funny how little you remember from your childhood. Anyways, it was really fun going through this collection because it was like the '90s in a box. I had awesome childhood favorites like Barbie, Bobby's World, Cookie Crisps and other totally '90s memorabilia. I love the funny beach pogs! I think I got them in California during a summer visit. So I took a few pictures of the collection below and then decided to sketch some with my funky pink pen. I had a lot of fun sketching, which I haven't done in a while and it really made me focus on each pog for awhile. Some were kind of scary, like this monster looking one on the bottom. Did I really have this when I was like an innocent 7 year old? Because it freaks me out so much now! Maybe scary pogs were useful, you freak out your opponent. For those that are really confused about Pogs let me give you the rules I found via Wikipedia.
  1. The players each contribute an equal number of pogs to build a stack with the pieces facing down, which will be used during the game.[4]
  2. The players take turns throwing their slammer down onto the top of the stack, causing it to spring up and the pogs to scatter. Each player keeps any pogs that land 'face up' after their throw.[4][7]
  3. After each throw, the pogs which have landed 'face down' are then re-stacked for the next player.
  4. When no pogs remain in the stack, the player with the most pogs is the 'winner'.[4]
Art Challenge Day 6

For this challenge I had to work with a fruit or veggie, any form! I was not sure what to do at first, but after seeing the leftovers from strawberry and blueberry tamales. I really loved the way the blueberries looked in the strawberry sauce. I use the strawberry sauce to paint and used an orange peel to be butterfly wings, petals, etc and few blueberries. I am really happy how it turned out, of course it is not permanent and have to throw it out. But it I like having to push my boundaries!

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