Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art Challenge Day 4

Today's challenge I was not looking forward to doing. I had to take a five minute walk outside my home and then use materials nearby to make something and then leave it for others. I was nervous, I live in a quiet suburb and I really didn't want to freak out neighbors! I really was concerned if I could even find anything to use. It would be an easy project if there was plenty of snow, I could make a snow sculpture or lots of leaves. But no I was left scrambling for what I could. And trying to be discreet. At first I tried using these "banana leaves", that's what they look like to me. However, the wind was blowing so hard I figured no one would really get a chance to see my work.

So I moved on and went to this nearby field where as a child my brother had played soccer. I looked for trash, never had I been hoping for people to litter! I found a plastic red cup that many would use at a college party. At first I thought of trying to use it with the tree's shadows to resemble an apple in the branches, that didn't work. Then I took a picture of it as my red heart.

I wasn't quite satisfied though, no one else would really see it, so I looked for more trash and found two discarded peppermints. I crushed the cup, flipped it so it made a cone shape and was thinking of making a face, using the peppermints as eyes. But that seemed kind of cheesy. Instead I put them on top of the cone structure, resembling a tent. I found I really liked it, the peppermints seemed cute as they are nestling each other on top of their plastic home. I decided to leave it behind in the middle of the field for someone to discover as the assignment described. I thought I would feel guilty for littering but instead I feel cheerful in that I will make someone curious on its origins or maybe inspire them to join in making litter into art.

Tomorrow's challenge is to use a collection of objects in my home...or a friend's. I have a few collections from when I was a kid, I'll have to think of something fun to make. I probably will photograph an interesting arrangement or maybe sketch the collection.

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